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Verdicts & Settlements

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Verdicts & Settlements from Wais, Vogelstein, Forman and Offutt

Shown below are the Verdicts & Settlements obtained by Wais, Vogelstein, Forman and Offutt; a very successful medical malpractice law firm.  We invest significant resources in our trial attorneys and our cases to achieve the very best results possible on behalf of our seriously injured clients.  Unlike so many other law firms, when we accept a medical malpractice or birth injury case for representation, this firm handles your case; we do not refer it to another firm. While past firm success may not be a guarantee of future success in any given case, it certainly remains important to know the track record of the law firm you select to protect your families future.  We invite you to check out our record-setting trial verdicts below as well as our recent verdicts and settlements located here.

If you believe that a family member was injured by the negligence of a medical provider it is important to seek qualified counsel as early as possible so medical records and witnesses do not change or disappear.  We invite you to contact us today for a free consultation on your case.  If we can help you, there will be no charge or expense to you unless we win your case.

Largest Birth Injury Verdict in the United States against Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. 

In July 2019, Attorneys Keith FormanMary Koch, of Wais, Vogelstein, Forman & Offutt, LLC made history with another record-setting jury award for their client Erica Byrom. A Baltimore jury awarded our client $229.6 million for the harm caused by a permanent brain injury suffered by her infant daughter at birth. Under Maryland law, the verdict will likely be reduced to approximately $205 million, which will stand as the largest verdict of its kind in the United States.


On October 20, 2014, our client—Erica Byrom—was admitted to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center for preeclampsia—a condition that usually occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy and is characterized by high blood pressure and protein in the urine.

Ms. Byrom’s doctors informed her that her condition would cause her unborn daughter to suffer a brain injury or death. The doctors also advised Ms. Byrom that she could terminate the pregnancy, which would have been a violation of Maryland law and John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center policy at that stage of the pregnancy.

The safest course of action for Ms. Bryom and her child was delivery by cesarean section. However, on October 23 2014—three days after she was admitted—Ms. Byrom’s doctors informed her that her condition deteriorated and advised medically-induced labor without a C-section and continuous fetal monitoring.

This information would later be revealed as a medical misdiagnosis. Ms. Byrom was in labor for roughly 22 hours, during which her child sustained an ischemic brain injury due to hypoxia. As a result of the medical provider’s mistakes, Ms. Bryom’s daughter was born with cerebral palsy, an incurable brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation. She now requires constant care and attention due to the complication. Further details of the case are being kept private out of respect for the family and due to state laws.


The record case of a $229 million verdict garnered the attention of the nation’s media. For more information about this ongoing story and record medical malpractice jury verdict, read full articles from The Balitmore Sun, The National Law Journal, The Seattle Times, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

To learn more about Wais, Vogelstein, Forman & Offutt and our birth injury representation including Cerebral Palsy and hypoxic-ischemic brain injury, call (888) 905-2324. We travel across the country to work with clients in need and have active cases in Minnesota, Illinois, Texas and Georgia. See what we can do for you and your child by contacting us now. There is never a cost to you until we win. 


Jury Verdict Case Location
$229 Million Birth Injury Largest Malpractice Verdict in US
$55 Million Birth Injury Baltimore City
$21 Million Baby Birth Injury Baltimore City
$15.6 Million Baby Birth Injury Prince George’s County
$14.1 Million Medical Malpractice/Perforation of Duodenum Baltimore City
$12 Million Legal Malpractice Baltimore City
$6.9 Million Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury Baltimore City
$5.36 Million Cancer Misdiagnosis Washington D.C.
$4.4 Million Failure to Diagnose Cancer Baltimore City
$4 Million Birth Injury resulting in Death Anne Arundel County
$2.37 Million Medical Malpractice/ Foot Drop Baltimore City



Jury Verdict Case Location
$33.5 Million Brain Injury/Cerebral Palsy Largest Verdict in Tennessee history
$10 Million Baby Birth Injury Wisconsin
$15.5 Million Birth Injury Largest Verdict in Minnesota history at the time.
$13.5 Million Labor Mismanagement Resulting in Cerebral Palsy Minnesota
$5 Million Cerebral Palsy West Virginia
$9.2 Million Cerebral Palsy Largest Verdict in Minnesota history prior to record breaking verdict listed above
$7 Million Failure to Diagnose a stroke, failing to provide proper care to prevent a second stroke Minnesota
$4.5 Million Birth Injury Brain Damage Pennsylvania
$5 Million Cerebral Palsy Iowa
$2 Million Cerebral Palsy Alabama
$5 Million Cerebral Palsy Illinois
$5 Million Cerebral Palsy North Carolina
$6 Million Birth Injury/Brain Damage Minnesota
$4.5 Million Cerebral Palsy/Brain Damage Minnesota

Birth Injury Results

$229 Million - Birth Injury
Largest Malpractice Verdict in the Country.
Against Hopkins Hospital.
July 2019.

$55 Million - Birth Injury
Our Former Largest Malpractice Verdict.

$33.5M - Birth Injury
Largest Malpractice Verdict in TN.

$15.5M- Birth Injury
Largest Malpractice Verdict MN.

$21M- Birth Injury
Verdict Maryland.

$15.6M Cerebral Palsy
Verdict Maryland.

$14M- Medical Malpractice
Verdict Maryland.

$9.2M- Birth Injury/CP
Largest Verdict in MN.
(Before we set record above)

$7M- Failure to Diagnose
Verdict Minnesota.

$5.3M- Failure to Diagnose Cancer
Verdict Washington D.C.

$5M- Cerebral Palsy/Birth Injury
Verdict Iowa.

$5M - Cebral Plasy/Birth Injury
Verdict Illinois.

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Gary A. Wais, Sr. Partner

Gary is the senior managing partner. Practicing for 30 years, he has dedicated his career to championing the needs of the most seriously injured victims of malpractice. Focusing specifically on birth injury cases, Gary continues to obtain record setting verdicts and settlements in Maryland and Nationwide.

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Kenneth Vogelstein, Sr. Partner

Kenny is a senior partner and a physician. His medical knowledge has proven invaluable in his 25 year practice. Kenny focuses on birth trauma, cerebral palsy and catastrophic malpractice injuries. He has recovered millions in verdicts and settlements on behalf of his seriously injured clients.

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Keith D. Forman, Partner

Keith, a partner, was member of the team that obtained 3 of the 4 largest verdicts in Medical Malpractice history in Maryland, including a $55M verdict and a $21M verdict respectively against two hospitals. A keen and tenacious advocate for his clients, he was invited to join the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

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Stephen C. Offutt, Partner

Stephen is one of the Nation's preeminent and seasoned Medical Malpractice trial lawyers. With an extensive record of multi-million dollar verdicts, in 2014 the National Trial Lawyers Association named him one of the Best Trial Lawyers in America following a birth injury verdict for $33.4M. Stephen fights aggressively for seriously injured children nation wide.

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Mary Koch, Partner

Mary will stand & deliver Big for Justice. From her early days as a Federal Prosecutor to large corporate wrong doers, her multi-million verdicts are prolific. Mary won a 34.3M verdict against corporate wrongdoing, one of the Nation's largest in 2010. Mary is tenacious crusader for the rights of injured victims and will fight relentlessly for Justice

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"A seriously unbelievable malpractice team. It truly is high-stakes litigation and this is the malpractice dream team you want. They have the knowledge, resources and tenacity to obtain successful results over the long haul and they are clearly not afraid of anybody. Because of their work, our familie's very existence is made possible."
– D.L.

"Reading this firm's lengthly list of verdicts and settlements in medical malpractice and birth injury is what convinced us. We took a lot of time to select the right law firm for our disabled child with serious life time disability and we are glad we did. Our son will have millions in life time needs because of the hospital care and they did not want to listen to us. They can hear us loud and clear now."

– A.J.

"There are no words to begin to explain how grateful we are for what your team has done for our family. I cannot begin to imagine how we would have survived following the negligent care. Your positive encouragement and support was a beacon of light throughout this difficult process. Hearing that eight figure verdict read in court was the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Thank you and Bless you. "

– W.R.

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