On this page is a comprehensive list of birth injuries resulting from Medical Malpractice.  We have an in-depth  analysis of Cerebral Palsy issues here. We have provided this birth injury information, causes and types in written and audio format for your convenience. The causes of birth injuries are as varied as the life time expenses related to the long term care. But be advised that your doctor or hospital is not going to tell you this. They will do what they can to hide this information and leave you with a life time of staggering financial expenses.

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Getting to get to the truth in a birth injury or malpractice case is very difficult; the medical providers will not be forthcoming. If you have a child impacted by a life altering decease, we invite you to review our information and resources, but please give a us a call to discuss your particular case. Most times folks do not realize that they have a case because they are never told that something was done wrong. Your medical provider is not going to volunteer this information. When you call Wais, Vogelstein, Form and we will speak with you about the birth process and what happened and when. Where helpful, we can retrieve records and monitor strips and give you a neutral and truthful understanding of what happened to your child. You are entitled to an honest evaluation as to what happened, you are unlikely to get that from your medical provider! The truth is birth injuries happen for a variety of reasons and in too many instances it is negligence related. Because of the high life long costs that result from birth negligence, you must have the truth, you are entitled to the truth- we will uncover the truth for you- at no cost. If you have a concern about what happened to your child or loved one, we will  assist you at no cost or obligation. We have the financial resources and an record setting team of malpractice litigators to get at the truth for your family. At the bottom of this page you can read about our panel of record breaking trial attorneys or click here to see our extensive list of verdicts and settlements that have changed our client’s lives forever.

Evaluation of your case is free and there is no obligation. If you have any concern about how an injury happened, please take a minute right now and give us a call for a free consultation.  Even if your doctor has told you that the injury was a result of natural cause it is important to get an unbiased and accurate review.


When mothers go into labor or need to go the hospital for antenatal testing, so that the physicians can check on the wellbeing of the fetus, the mother is often hooked up to a device called an electronic fetal monitor. An electronic fetal monitor is a device that uses ultrasound technology to detect the baby’s hear rate. An electronic fetal monitor is actually comprised of two different belts … read more


Just like adults newborns and fetuses or babies can suffer from stroke. A stroke is a disruption in blood flow in the brain through one of its arteries. One of the most common areas of stroke is a middle cerebral artery stroke or MCA. There are two types of strokes. There are ischemic strokes. Ischemic strokes often come from a blood clot or again a disruption in blood flow. A hemorrhagic … read more


Neonatal hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is simply low blood sugar. Low blood sugar can be very dangerous because low blood sugar means that your body is not metabolizing sugar appropriately and that can result in permanent brain injury. Neonatal hypoglycemia is when a baby is born and is unable to control its own blood sugars for one reason or another. There are multiple ways that… read more


Chorioamnionitis is a condition that develops often during the intra part of or labor period for the mother. It is an infection of the lining of the uterus. Chorioamnionitis can result in harm to both the mother and the fetus. It is most often diagnosed from a clinical presentation that includes an elevated maternal heart rate, an elevated fetal heart rate, malodorous smell from the mother,… read more


Labor is a term that is used to describe cervical dilation that is brought about by uterine contractions. It’s basically the start of the birthing process. When that process begins, when a baby is before 36-weeks’ gestation, it is called preterm labor. The management and the appropriate management of preterm labor is of vital importance to the then unborn fetus. Babies who are born … read more


Hydrocephalus is a term used to describe water that is in the brain cavities or the ventricles contained within the brain. Neonatal hydrocephalus is when a baby has water or fluid on its brain. Neonatal hydrocephalus can be very dangerous to the baby, a newborn baby, because if there is too much fluid accumulated on the brain and in the ventricles, that can cause the brain to swell. … read more


Term babies and pre-term babies are often born healthy and for whatever reason they develop an infection during the newborn period. The newborn period is perhaps the most fragile time in all of our lives. As a result, when a condition such as an infection arises during the newborn period healthcare providers must be vigilant in treating the infection and in diagnosing the infection.… read more